Lo-Pha Society Branch of North Carolina, Inc.

Youth Programs

The purpose of the Youth Program is to foster positive youth development and support the unique strengths and challenges of the Lo-pha youth while upholding family values. The following programs contribute to our mission to promote and support education, leadership, socio-economic opportunities, mutual relationships, gender equity, cultural development, and community involvement:

•  Quarterly Networking Events - create networking, learning and mentoring opportunities by connecting resources,

•  Fundraisers - create opportunities to collaborate and sustain youth programs.

•  College Scholarships - provide financial assistance to further education.

•  Graduate Luncheon - recognize important milestone of high school and college graduates.

•  Family Picnic -  Food, fun and games for all youth and their families before heading to school in the fall.

If you are interested in supporting the youth program or joining the youth committee, please email Kong at:      help@nclopha.org.

Thank you to all our supporters of the Valentine's Fundraiser on Feb. 17, 2018.

Mr. Stephen Kue, Real Estate Agent, Centrury 21 American Homes

Mr. Ellison Lor, State Farm Insurance Insurance Agent

Mr. & Mrs. Pajcai Lauj, PCB Carving

Mr. & Mrs. Paseng Lauj, MACKS Financial Services

Mr. & Mrs. Nchaiv Txoov Lauj, BINGO Food Mart

Hmong Southeast Puav Pheej 

Mr. & Mrs. Tong Txawg Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Vam Leng Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Za Teng Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Tswv Feng Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Vaying Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Nchaiv Zoov Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Nhia Tau Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Neng Yee Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Peng Lauj

Mr. Chue Yang Lauj

​Mr. & Mrs. Tong Mee Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Yang Sao Lauj

Mr. Sing Yang

Mr. & Mrs. Pheng Lauj

Mr. & Mrs. Za Thao Lauj

Mr. Chia See Vang

Last but not least, thank you to all of the other supporters that we may have missed

and to those who helped so much to make the event a success.